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          about us

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            焦作市神舟洗煤機制造有限公司位于河南省焦作市豐收路中段。這里北依太行,南臨沁水,東有晉焦高速,南有長濟高速,西有太焦鐵路,交通便利。地理優勢突出。     焦作市神舟洗煤機制造有限公司是一家***制造各種大、中、小型洗煤機設備的廠家,也正因為***,我廠產品才能做到,質量更好,性能更穩定,價格更低,更能經得起用戶及市場的考驗。



            我廠一貫堅持全方位為用戶服務的經營方針,急用戶之所急,想用戶之所想。每一位用戶都是我們永遠的朋友,是我們永遠的上帝, 多年來,受到了各大廠家的普遍贊譽。

            The factory is located in Jiaozuo City, Henan Province, the middle of the harvest Road. Here north of Taihang, south of Qinshui, east of Jin-coke high-speed, south of Changji high-speed, west too coke railway, convenient transportation. Geographical advantages are prominent.

            The factory is a professional manufacturer of large, medium and small coal washing machine equipment manufacturers, but also because of professional, I plant products can be done, better quality, more stable performance, lower prices, more affordable customers and Market test.

            At the same time I plant more than 30 technical staff, specialized research and development, development of new products, can continue to draw similar products at home and abroad advanced technology to ensure that our plant product quality and quality of excellence, so that each user with qualified products, Is our only purpose.

            Coal washing equipment: mechanical jitter coal washing machine, side drum type coal washing machine, screen type coal washing machine, automatic CNC coal washing machine, fishing pit machine, coal shaking sieve, coal dehydration sieve, slime recovery sieve, , Thicker, belt conveyor, etc., over the years, I plant and Shanxi, Henan, Hebei, Jiangsu, Shandong and many other large and medium-sized enterprises to establish a good relationship of cooperation. At the same time establish a good corporate image.

            I plant has consistently adhered to the full range of user service for the operating principles, the urgency of urgency users, would like to users think. Every user is our forever friend, is our eternal God, over the years, by the major manufacturers of universal praise.

            Jiaozuo City Shenzhou Coal Washing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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